The Gateway Cashier Technology for your needs

Taking modern payment solutions to the next level.

Powerul Integration

The perfect payment gateway with easy ecommerce integrations and personalised multi-channel support

Neon Pay works with most shopping cart platforms and custom integration.

Risk management

Our framework permits you to restrict transaction volume or per currency. It permits you to restrict span between back to back exchanges to keep away from duplications. 


Our solution serves already globally with multiple Direct payment institutes for acquiring and clearing confidence is already in place for new comers.

Power to e-commerce

Hassle-free checkout for your customers

Neon Pay gets your customers all the way through checkout in seconds — which means more sales for your business.

Scalable Solutions

Accept online payments on any device or channel, whatever your business model. You’ll be up and running quickly, can add payment methods easily, and increase your conversion rates.

Business to Customer

Customize payment flows, layouts, advertising, languages, tax, tipping, receipts and more. Optimize all payments at every engagement point and increase your authorisation rates

Business to Enterprise

We offer a full range of payment options, for any business and industry, so you can give shoppers the experiences they expect.

Easily Manage Transactions and Resources

Integrated per-transaction pricing

Integration - Get instant seemless integration

Agile Solutions

Easily Manage Transactions and Resources

Gain access to a comprehensive web transaction management system, that will cover all their needs from the Gateway Cashier, a complete BAAS – Backend As A Service